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Want to Learn How to Put Your Video Marketing for Local Business Owners on Auto Pilot?

Right now, you need to do something really essential to your future video marketing for local business owners.....

You need to FORGET EVERYTHING you were taught in the past about how to write a good video script for a local business, and get ready to learn from a six figure offline consultant and EXPERT video creator, how to make REAL money from the local video craze that everyone is talking about, even if you are a complete novice when it comes to making videos for local businesses.

Hi, my name is David Cisneros, and if you ask me if I know how to create a video for a local business from scratch, I would burst out laughing and think you were crazy.


Because good video creation starts with writing a good script, and I am the last person to ask about how to do that!

But, I did team up with a video script writing EXPERT, and she is spilling the beans when it comes to writing a professional video script.  And she wants to share it with us. 

So keep reading.........

You see, when it comes to writing a good video script, I am not that good at it.

But there is so much money to be made selling videos to local businesses, I want some of that action, don't you? 

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few months, you have most likely heard of products like Easy Sketch Pro, Explainido and Video Maker MX right?

These awesome little pieces of software will help you create some cool looking videos.

Why are these video making products so popular?


Video Marketing is HOT!!

Local business owners are ready to write big checks to offline marketers like ourselves for awesome videos that represent their business, their brand.


Creating the actual video is easy because of these easy to use software tools, but you know what is NOT easy?

A well Written Script that goes with the video!

And honestly, the script is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE VIDEO.

You only get a few seconds to grab a viewers attention before they hit the back button.

You need to get them:

  • Interested
  • Entertained
  • keep them Engaged in the video till the very end!

But how do you do it?

How can we write scripts that do all of the above?

Have you ever tried to write a video script?


You have no idea where to begin

Your mind goes blank

You get frustrated

Can you relate?

So wouldn't it be fantastic if you had an Instant Library of Premium Video Scripts at your fingertips for over 20 different local businesses?

David Cisneros

Chrissy  Withers

First, let me introduce who we are.....

My name is David Cisneros and my partners name is Chrissy Withers.

Together we have made a fantastic duo providing video marketing to local business owners.

You see, when it comes to videos, Chrissy is an Expert!

Chrissy has provided scripts and videos to local businesses for the past three years.  

She has created hundreds of videos for offline consultants, private label right material, and so many other video projects.

So when it comes to videos and writing great scripts, she is the one you should definitely trust.

I asked Chrissy if she could put together a resource tool that I could use on some of my clients videos.  

Well, she didnt just put together a tool, she put together a VAULT.

She created an Instant Library of video scripts that you can start using today.

These arent some rip off scripts from other videos, these are original scripts that she has written and got results from.


You Can Charge up to $500 for Professionally created videos, and now were providing YOU with our Shortcut!

Each script is around 130 words long, which equates to around 60 seconds of voice over - the ideal length for a local business video - and cover the following popular offline businesses:

Each script has been carefully crafted to include all the components an effective local business lead generation video should have:

1) Identify the problem

2) Grab the Prospect's attention

3) Draw them in

4) Provide the solution

5) Call for the action

I also include suggestions for tone of voice over and
style of background music for each script.

With Local Video Script Pro:

You Can Stop Wasting Time Writing Scripts for videos

Send Your Script STRAIGHT to your Voice Over Worker

Compile UNLIMITED Brand New Scripts from the swipe files

Here's a Sample:

Includes 20 Local Business Niches!

Never Have to Sit and Think about writing a Video Script Again! 
Use these swipes and ENJOY all of your EXTRA FREE TIME!

If all this sounds like music to your ears, let me show you some of the ways you could start using a Library of Scripts like this today:

Sell to Local Businesses:

  • Use the scripts to create videos, rank them, then rent or sell them to local business owners.
  • Show the scripts to offline business owners so they immediately see you as an authority when it comes to creating videos
  • Use the scripts to create a portfolio of videos for your YouTube channel or website to show local business owners what you could do for them

Create Quick Videos as Lead Gen Tools:

Use the scripts to create videos and then “jack” the websites of local business owners to show them how awesome the video would look on their site

Offer Your Own Script Writing Service:

Swipe parts of the scripts and use them to accelerate your own scriptwriting skills and sell your services as a freelancer and charge high dollar.

Here are some bonus items: 

Business Research Ebook - This short report/ebook will help you research ANY local business for script writing Promo or Lead Gen Videos.

Business Research Template - We have put together a template that you can use to research businesses for key services, features, and testimonials.  Another Shortcut for you. 

Plus We Added This Video Marketing Video!

Our Video Script Swipe will CHANGE Your Video Business Forever!

Do not overlook how much of a possibility there is to make money by offering videos to local businesses!

So why not put this ready made swipe file a part of your offline tool set?

We have removed ALL of the risk.  If you don't think that this video script swipe will help your video marketing service, then we will be happy to refund you your money. 

We are only happy if YOU are happy.  So take a chance and hit that buy button, we guarantee you will love it.

When you pick up the Video Script Pro,
you'll get it for $67 $47

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our product, we appreciate you so much.

David Cisneros

Chrissy  Withers

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Q. Is this a Video Course?

A. No, this is a Video Script Swipe file that comes in PDF format.  It gives you the shortcut to writing video scripts for 20 local business niches.

Q. What are my usage rights?

A. This product is for marketers only, you are not allowed to resell the video script at all, it is for use in your business only.

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